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- We’re located in Chiang-mai north of Thailand the center of Thailand handicrafts. Silverwares are one of famous handicrafts. We have 18 years family gold and silver smith also Thai karen silver in beads, charms, pendants, wire, sheet all kinds findings by hand and we do electroplating with any karat of yellow gold, rose gold, silver and rhodium for my local Export factory, Jewelry shop, Gold & Silver shop.
- We has been manufacturer and selling Thai Karen hill tribe’s silver since 1998 in wholesale and retail of original handmade hill tribe silver in beads, pendants, charms, chains and many types of high content silver jewelry making supply. We working closely with our Karen hill tribe artisan friends and their families with unique style but not all artisan are us employ we make some designs in my own workshop also customer designs with precision outcome.

- Should you have your own design or cannot find what you are looking for, please kindly let us know so that we could generate your favorably custom-made products.