Silver contents

-Our products made from higher than 95% pure silver content for easy to shape, bend, cut and print on the silver piece with the artisan hand and their hand tools.

- About yellow gold and rose gold vermeil both we use 99.9% pure material to make electroplating in my own workshop.

- Vermeil is coated with at least 2.5 microns (that's 1/1000 of a millimeter) of gold to ensure quality, the gold should be no less than 14K. The higher the gold contents the better.

30 days return

- has a 30-day item inspection period and return policy for all products purchased. If the item is damaged, not as described, or otherwise unsatisfactory, we encourage you to contact us and send back the item for a full refund or replacement. 

- We also do not incur any additional costs on your part for restocking or replacing items. All shipping fees are exclusive of this agreement.